Thursday, 7 January 2016

Sri Lanka Wildlife Publications (Articles, Books, Presentations, Media Briefs etc.

I am frequently contacted by wildlife film crew researchers, print media, business studies students, conservationists, birders, wildlife photographers, tourism professionals, etc. for pdfs of various published material I have authored.

To make access easy, I have loosely categorised these into a series of folders in Google Drive which can be accessed by anyone on-line by clicking on the links below. Each link will take you to a folder and you should be able to 'drag and drop' all the documents onto your computer. The links provide access to over 300 articles and dozens of pdfs and presentations.

People (or corporate entities) have my permission to upload these pdfs to their own websites. But please do not make any changes to the original pdfs when re-uploaded.


Many of these pdfs were first designed for print form and are now long out of print. Some of them have been instrumental in establishing Sri Lanka as a top destination for wildlife.

These contain many tables and graphs which I have used in public lectures. Tables and graphs are often absent in the articles published in popular magazines and these pdfs will be of interest to the serious student. Bear in mind that the presentations are designed to accompany an oral presentation so the text is light.

These are a mix of article pdfs. There is one pdf which has the 330 plus articles I have published in a text only format. Not pretty, but good to search through for specific items.

Buying Books
 Click on the link above for Amazon UK where you can buy a series of photographic field guides as well as good overviews to Sri Lankan Wildlife such as 'Wild Sri Lanka' and 'Sri Lankan wildlife'.

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